User Experience & UI Design

User Experience and UI Design • Workflow / Wireframes • Screen Design • Interaction Design • Icon Development • Animation Prototyping

ION’s approach to user experience and UI design – emphasizes ease of navigation coupled with a visual presentation that is both intuitive and engaging. The key is to create a well-ordered User Experience and UI design with a logical hierarchy of information, rules and functions. The best UX / UI designs anticipate user actions by offering the user only the functions and choices required to accomplish a given task.

In addition to screen architecture, a vital part of any UX / UI design is the Look & Feel. This is the face of the software application, and takes in all visual aspects, including colors, icons, wallpapers, separators and typography, as well as the behavior of dynamic elements such as buttons, menus and alerts. Through a consistent application of these elements, ION’s graphic designers create a unique visual presentation for the UX / UI that promotes usability and enhances brand recognition.

User Experience UX/ UI Design Images