Innovation & Strategy

Innovation and Strategy Development • Competitive Analysis • IP Generation • Marketing Concepts • Innovation Workshops

Our clients stay competitive through innovation. For most projects, ION uses a variety of relevant tools to cultivate innovation, including competitive analysis, strategic analysis, IP consideration, feature evaluation, targeted user scenarios and role-playing, concept studies, manufacturing strategy, innovation workshops, and other techniques. By identifying needs, opportunities, and challenges at the earliest stages of a project, we can save time and expense while producing better results.

We also plan and facilitate innovation workshops with our clients to generate new ideas during any aspect of the development process, from novel solutions for a technical problem to totally new product concepts. Innovation workshops are intensive, fast paced, and carefully structured with creativity exercises to boost fresh thinking and innovation. At the conclusion of each innovation workshop, ION compiles all the ideas into a concise report that includes an analysis based on factors like IP potential, engineering challenges, consumer appeal or other metrics. We can also synthesize the ideas to create concepts suitable for market studies.

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