Industrial Design

Industrial Design • Concept Exploration • User Research / Human Factors • Study Models • Digital Renderings

Industrial design (ID) is at the core of nearly every product development program at ION and is what most defines the user experience. ID intersects concept exploration, user research, human factors/ ergonomics, interaction design, mechanical / electrical engineering, and branding.

ION’s approach is appropriately holistic. ID is a hands-on process of exploration and experimentation driven by a team of industrial designers and design professionals who build upon each other’s thinking. This collaborative, interdisciplinary process ensures a lively mix of ideas and perspectives, which ultimately leads to a breakthrough design solution.

ION relies on a variety of tools and methodologies to advance the industrial design of a product towards completion; starting with sketches and study models to explore a range of concepts, then to CAD models, photo-realistic renderings and 3D-printed prototypes. At each stage of the design process these assets provide a means for user testing and market feedback.

Industrial Design images